BRAINWORKING Recursive Therapy®
BWRT® is a neuroscience based therapy that I often use to effectively resolve psychological and emotional distress. It has been designed to remove upsetting feelings from bad memories and to create new adaptive neural pathways without the undesirable emotional responses attached to those memories. Neural pathways are extended to create new patterns in the brain. This is an easy technique with remarkable success in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety- fears and phobias, performance anxiety, trauma, PTSD
  • Depression
  • Addictions- alcohol, substances, sex, gambling
  • Confidence and self esteem problems

I am a registered level 1 and 2 BWRT practitioner and a member of the British Brainworking Research Society. For more information go to

My psychological services offered include:
Individual Therapy - Izan Hartman

Individual psychotherapy

Couples Therapy - Izan Hartman

Relationship therapy, including gay relationships

Family Therapy - Izan Hartman

Family therapy (including any significant person in the family or extended family of any age)

Supervision of intern psychologists

Supervision of intern psychologists and qualified psychologists