About Izan Hartman

I have practised as a full-time private clinical psychologist since January 2002. From 1996 to 2001 I worked as a clinical psychologist at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital. My referral base in my practice includes general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, the internet and by word of mouth.

I see a wide range of clients for individual, couples and family therapy. Because I look at the underlying social systems in which clients function, individual clients frequently come for couples or family therapy after the first few sessions. Clients come to therapy with some experience of a problem or difficulty like depression, anxiety or other psychiatric disorders, HIV/AIDS, relationship problems (heterosexual and homosexual), teenage behavioural problems.

Trauma work includes counseling individuals and families following hijackings, armed robberies and rape. I have also worked with groups who have jointly experienced a traumatic incident (e.g. staff members subjected to an armed robbery at their place of work).

In addition to the above, I also undertake psychotherapy and supervision with intern psychologists, practising psychologists and other therapists.

Education & Qualifications

  • University of Johannesburg (RAU)
  • 1989-1995 BA cum laude
  • Hons BA Philosophy (cum laude)
  • Hons BA Psychology (cum laude)
  • MA Clinical Psychology (cum laude)
  • Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia, Certificate: Practicum in family therapy, led by Maurizio Andolfi Rome Italy

My psychological services offered include:

Individual Therapy - Izan Hartman

Individual psychotherapy

Couples Therapy - Izan Hartman

Relationship therapy, including gay relationships

Family Therapy - Izan Hartman

Family therapy (including any significant person in the family or extended family of any age)

Supervision of intern psychologists

Supervision of intern psychologists and qualified psychologists